Melbourne’s Guide to the ‘Harry Potter Wizards Unite’ Mobile Game

The hype is real Melbourne, but are you ready? From the creators of ‘Pokemon Go’ comes Wizard’s Unite; a Harry Potter mobile AR game that will have you running all over Melbourne catching mythical beasts and duelling with your friends.

Update: As of today (May 2nd 2019) the beta for the game is now open to Australians on both iOS and Android! You can download the beta version for iOS here and on Android here.

An email from the game makers said:

Please note this will be a beta version of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Features, available languages, design, and overall appearance are not final. The product might be buggy and unstable at times. Your participation will help provide feedback so that we can improve the game experience.

If you’re looking for a handy beginner’s guide to get set up this one seems to be pretty comprehensive.

The premise of the game is for witches and wizards (that would be us fam!) to protect the wizarding world from being revealed to Muggles. It seems traces of magic are escaping into the world and it’s up to you to get it back under control.

According to the extremely lucky journalists who have gotten to play the game before everyone else, gameplay will include;

freedom lend

> Travelling to ‘Inns’ and ‘Greenhouses’ to get spell energy.

> Combat ‘Beasties’ and ‘Wizards’ you come across the way using spells you trace on your phone’s screen.

> Participating in ‘Landmark Events’.

> Team battles using ‘Fortresses’ (I can already picture the duels that will happen at Federation Square).

> Choosing a profession; ‘Auror, Magizoologist and Professor’. Only available once you hit level 6.


wizards unite gameplay screenshots
Screenshots of some gameplay

Naturally, the internet is freaking out over this upcoming game. You probably remember what happened in Melbourne when Pokemon Go came out, tens of thousands of people hit the streets hunting the best Pokemon from dawn till dusk.

I confess, I am a complete Harry Potter nutter and am very excited for this game to come out. I’ve loved watching each new teaser they’ve released. I’ve downloaded the beta and will report back once I’ve played it for a few days.

Each new teaser released has been greeted with serious excitement. Super sleuths across the net are predicting a July 2019 full release date.

We’ll aim to keep this page updated with the latest news and tips as more information becomes available, including the best places in Melbourne to play Wizards Unite.

If you haven’t already got yourself on the waitlist for when the full game drops then you can sign up here.

There is even already a Facebook group for Melbourne fans of the game, we’ve joined in anticipation.

In the meantime do your solemn wizarding duty and forward this post to your friends so they know what’s coming 😉

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