The 9 Best SEO Courses Melbourne has to offer

Today we’re going to help you find the best SEO course that you can in Melbourne. We looked at more than 20 available courses and whittled our list down to the best 9. Whether you’re looking for an in-depth 1-day boot camp or a more extended certified course then this post will help you decide.

Organic traffic is the way to go for present and future businesses, and the way to get that is via Search Engine Optimization. Due to the large amount of potential that online searches hold for local and global business’ revenue stream, search engine optimisation has become a hot topic in the marketing industry.

Whether you are a businessperson, employee or freelancer, you would need to know more than the basic of SEO to get ahead of the competition in this digital age. Putting all of that in mind, we have come up with an extensive list of the best SEO courses in Melbourne, Australia, that will give you a value for your money today.

David Pagotto, the managing director of SIXGUN, a leading SEO agency in Melbourne had this to say about the benefit of upskilling yourself in SEO;

“SEO as a sector changes quarter by quarter due to algorithm updates. However, the fundamentals have remained the same for many years. If you are looking to teach yourself those essential skills, then a short intensive course is one of the best ways to get up to speed quickly.”

Stuart Clayton, Founder & Software Developer at Digital Pigeon added;

“Upskilling yourself with SEO is one of the most valuable business decisions a founder can make. I would highly recommend checking out some of the local courses available in Melbourne.” 

Here are the SEO courses available in Melbourne that we took a look at:

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SEO Melbourne Academy | Net 101 | General Assembly | The Creative Collective | Dynamic Web Training | Professional Development Training | The Left Bank | Learn SEO In Melbourne | SEO Training at Melbourne SEO Services


1. SEO Short Courses by SEO Melbourne Academy

SEO Short Courses by SEO Melbourne Academy

The SEO Melbourne academy has been doing this for quite a while now, but that is not why we chose them for this list. We instead love the way they work with students from all levels of knowledge and brush them up to speed in the current SEO practices.

They have also devised a system of instructions that sees students work on their website as the training goes on. This way, they get to look at real-life gains from various SEO best practices that they learn about and implement.

Beyond that, the SEO Melbourne Academy also understands that there will be different SEO needs for different CMS. That is why they have tailored instructions in place to guide you through the ideal optimisation of your website, irrespective of the CMS in play – WordPress, HTML, Shopify, etc.

With classes holding on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the academy provides its students with a conducive learning environment in Dandong South. That is not to mention the offer of free WIFI – all covered by your initial payment.

Check out SEO Short Courses by SEO Melbourne Academy here.


2. SEO Course by Net 101

SEO Course by Net 101

One thing we love about this course is in the breakdown of work into the simplest components. This makes it an ideal pick for beginners in the SEO world.

That being said, the course is also great for intermediate learners too. They get to brush up on the basics, touch up on where they are currently and learn more about joining the big leagues.

Overall, the only flaw this course has is in not having an online version to it. To combat that and make it accessible to all, though, the organisers have made sure the course can be accessed in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. Alongside Melbourne, that is.

After signing up for this course, you would be treated to classes on:

  • How search engine optimisation has evolved over the years to the present age, providing you with a better understanding of how to set a template for the future.
  • What keywords are, the best tools to get them and how to get them at all
  • Implementation of keywords so that they have the most effects without getting your site red-flagged or penalised
  • Performing basic and advanced on-site SEO to boost your page ranking
  • Understanding your domain history and how it affects your site’s rankings
  • The strategies of off-page SEO
  • Techniques to writing great content for your website, and so much more.

In short, this is the powerhouse course you don’t want to miss out on.

Check out 2 SEO Course by Net 101 here.


3. Search Marketing Workshop by General Assembly

Search Marketing Workshop by General Assembly

We believe that SEO is nothing if it does not bring in the desired results. In this case, the desired results are either driving more customers to a business or generating higher revenue. To make sure of that, General Assembly adds the offering of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to the mix.

This course is not targeted at everyone though. From the course outline, one can easily infer that it is aimed at business owners, executives and start-ups who are looking to boost their online presence.

At the end of the course, participants are expected to walk away with a broad knowledge base when it comes to SEO topics. Not only that, since they are also likely to have possessed the needed skills to rank any website they build on Google – which happens to be the mother of all search engines.

Just how do they plan on doing that?

  • Teaching an overview of the search landscape, helping businesses know why it is essential at all
  • Disclosing the crucial tools of the trade
  • Expanding user knowledge about paid ads strategies, and how to make it work for them.

Did we mention that the instructor would be Simon Mathonnet? It’s okay if you don’t know him. He’s only the Head of Search at SplashBox.

Check out Search Marketing Workshop by General Assembly here.


4. SEO at The Creative Collective

SEO at The Creative Collective

There’s no better place to learn anything than from someone/an area where such a thing is being applied. That is why we recommend this Melbourne SEO course too.

Beyond the fact that they have practical knowledge in the subject, Creative Collective’s training ethic is also one to fawn over. For example, they have a system in place to ensure that an instructor is not assigned to more than 8 – 12 students at a time. That allows for better interpersonal interactions, helping the small classes gain even more than they would have in a larger class.

On top of that, flexibility is a huge plus. You can gather a team of like-minded people interested in getting trained, and an instructor would be sent to you. That means you get to pick the time and place. With this kind of approach, you are given the time and space to learn at your own pace.

And oh, they do know what they are doing.

Check out SEO at The Creative Collective here.


5. SEO Training Courses at Dynamic Web Training

SEO Training Courses at Dynamic Web Training

For those that have been waiting on an online course, we bring you the very first on this list. More than 50 students have already taken this course. From those who cared to leave a review, the class has been able to garner a stellar 4.98 out of a possible 5 stars. Need we say more?

If you are interested, the aim of the course is obviously to help you position your website higher in search results. But that’s not all. You will also learn how to attract your target audience to your website page. Afterwards, the techniques taught in this course will help you steer visitors towards making intended actions.

The training is a hands-on experience, giving you the opportunity to assess your own website. That way, you can identify the problem areas and come up with strategies that will boost your website rankings. Of course, this spurs you towards facing challenges and solving them on your own rather than being spoon-fed throughout the course.

Check out SEO Training Courses at Dynamic Web Training here.


6. SEO Training Course at Professional Development Training

SEO Training Course at Professional Development Training

Professional SEO course in Melbourne might not be abundant, but this is one that stands out.

The course believes that content is king. Thus, it starts with the basics of how to create good content for your audience. Things are then accelerated from there to the point where you can confidently rank any page and boost any website up the search engine listings.

This course is designed to:

  • Give you better insight into on page and off page SEO
  • Teach you how to optimise your images and videos for the best effects
  • Show you the ropes of content creation
  • Let you in on the critical files you need to have on your website
  • Treat you to the world of Search Engine Marketing, and so much more.

Besides all that, you will also be shown:

  • Common mistakes people make in SEO and how to avoid them,
  • How to reverse engineer your competitors’ backlinking strategies and
  • The best ways to outsource your SEO services to the best partner.

We don’t know about you, but this is just the kind, of course, anyone should want to grab a certificate for.

Check out SEO Training Course at Professional Development Training here.


7. SEO Fundamentals from The Left Bank

SEO Fundamentals from The Left Bank

Agreed, a good number of the courses on this list have set a date for when they start and end. What if you didn’t have the time to grab them then? The good news is, you can still get even with an online search engine optimisation course, such as the one offered by The Left Bank.

This course is best suited to beginners and intermediate SEO students who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. That is why the fundamentals have been worked into about 10 hours of learning in all. In these 10 hours, though, you would have gained:

  • The essential elements of Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)
  • How search engines operate, and how to leverage that to your advantage
  • What keyword research is, and how to get the best keywords
  • The on-page elements that do matter
  • How best to incorporate link building for higher page authority and rankings and
  • The essential tools for your SEO campaign, among other things.

One thing we haven’t told you yet is that everything comes free. Not only that – you get a certificate at the end of it all.

Check out SEO Fundamentals from The Left Bank here.


8. Learn SEO In Melbourne

Learn SEO In Melbourne

We have seen the approach of others to the SEO training game, but this one is just different. You would think so too if you saw a course that not only taught you but hacked your competitor for you also. In fact, you get to:

  • Analyse up to 3 of your hottest competitors to see why they rank, and how much SEO is getting them there
  • Analyse your own website to see where the faults might be in for your SEO campaign
  • Evaluate the user experience of your website – which is also a key SEO metric
  • Uncover hidden keyword possibilities that you didn’t even know was on your own site
  • See how media is helping/ marring your SEO work
  • Get actionable tips for optimising 2media content for better reach and visibility
  • Check your sitemaps for errors in configuration and
  • Do a complete audit of the internal links on your website.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the learning ladder. There will always be something for you here. Lest we forget, you also get to develop an action plan for your website, guiding your SEO strategy from now on.

Check out Learn SEO In Melbourne here.


9. SEO Training at Melbourne SEO Services

SEO Training at Melbourne SEO Services

The guys at Melbourne SEO Services are not only good at giving pieces of training and talks about search engines. They take it one step further by taking their own pill, and they love it! That is why they can make the promise of training you in the exact way they have trained their own team of professionals.

You can also enjoy the content from anywhere, given how they are entirely downloadable. Speaking of downloads, the material is predominantly created in audio and video – boosting your rates of assimilation than just poring over texts.

Taking a total of five sessions from start to completion, you would be trained on:

  • The growth of Google and how you can stay ahead of the curve
  • The place of authority content, and how you can get in on it too
  • Hacking into your prospects’ mind to provide just what they want
  • Creating information products that sell themselves and
  • Getting 2x search engine traffic with half the effort, time and budget.

The course is made more impressive with the introduction of real-world examples that you can draw some inspiration from.

Check out SEO Training at Melbourne SEO Services here.


Wrap Up

From short courses, professional certifications, group training and online sessions for SEO, you have it all here in this list. No matter what your needs, budget and availability are, we know you’ll be able to find the right fit somewhere in there.

If you were wondering what the best time to start is, it is today. After all, your competition isn’t resting on its oars. Plus, you’ve got flexible course dates across each of these packages to better work them into your schedule.


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