The 10 Best Team Building Activities in Melbourne

Team building activities are important for a lot of reasons, but we won’t be talking about those today. If you do find yourself in Melbourne, and have been tasked with looking for the perfect team building activities too, you could not have been in a better place.

Combining the beautiful scenery with the natural landmarks that the city has, this is just the place to engage in an awesome outdoor or indoor group experience.

Irrespective of how large your group is, here are a couple of team building activities in Melbourne that you should totally look at.


1. The Mystery Rooms

The Mystery Rooms

This is one of the top team building location in Melbourne that allows you take on a fun game of your choice. They cater to a group of 10 – 60 people at any one time. That makes it possible to work with either a small, medium or large group of people.

In the case your group is bigger than this, you can split them up into smaller groups and go in for the games at different times.

Depending on how much time you have on your hands, The Mystery Rooms allows groups play games for anywhere between 90 minutes to 3 hours. That is surely enough time to catch fun, laugh, build more memories and improve the bond of the team too.

For those that want a more exclusive experience, you can privately hire the creative spaces for your team. Of course, this comes with lunch for all the gamers – and that lunch is free too!

Check out The Mystery Rooms here


2. Thrill

Thrill Team Building Melbourne

No matter where you are in Melbourne, Thrill will come through for your team. They also engage in the arrangement of indoor games for teams that would prefer that kind of setup.

These indoor activities are not undertaken at just any location too. With the choice of Melbourne Hotels and Conference Centers, you are sure to be treated to the best of experiences.

Thrill also understands that there are different types of businesses that would come through their door. To that effect, they have in their catalogue diverse activities to cater to these groups of people. Ranging from cooking games, art classes, off-site team developments and themed events to sports activities, your team is sure to find a match for their unique need with them.

Some of the various fun offerings on display at Thrill:

  • Amazing races: Get in a race around Melbourne on boats or bikes. Feel the rush and competitive edge. Only that, this time, its outside of the office
  • MasterChef Cooking: Teams go head to head to make the most tasty, delicious meals. Feel you’ve got what it takes?
  • Treasure Hunts: Search around town for hidden treasures all around Melbourne. You get a touch of the city’s history to go with this too.
  • Survivor: Play a game that has only one survivor. Do you think your team will be it?

The good news here is that, Thrill will come up with custom game offers that will suit your brand better should any of the common options not appeal to you. Why not try them out already?

Check out Thrill here


3. Hidden Door

Hidden Door

When you go to Hidden Door, they don’t just give you what they have in ground. They, rather, try to understand your team and then, create something that suits their needs.

They also have a huge variety of template events that can be chosen from. Whether you want your concept designed from scratch or would prefer to go for something on ground, they’ve got you covered.

Speaking of what they have on ground, Hidden Door provides:

  • Charity Team building activities
  • Corporate family days and fun days
  • Corporate MasterChef cooking classes
  • Art experiences for your team
  • Various indoor team building experiences, and so much more.

There is surely no limit to the fun and bonding your team will experience when in the hands of the Hidden Door personnel.

Check out Hidden Door here


4. The Melbourne Amazing Race – Uplift Events

The Melbourne Amazing Race – Uplift Events

You might know about the Amazing Race, but you surely haven’t seen it in this way before.

The race event is nicely suited to any group of people – be it large or small.  It is also great for Christmas events, end of the year function and if you want to simply give your team a pat on the back for a job well done.

No matter which it is, the Amazing race event will be best suited to about 5 – 150 people. This will ensure the division into groups that hold up to 10 people. Each group can then compete against the other for the best results.

Depending on how much time you’ve also got, the event can be arranged to last anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours.

Don’t worry about the fitness levels of your team. This event has been tailored to suit those who are low on the fitness scale. That does not mean highly-fit individuals cannot take on the game too. In fact, the arrangement would be suited to the fitness levels of individuals that are to partake in the games.

Check out The Melbourne Amazing Race by Uplift Events here


5. Street Art Workshop – Team Building Made Easy

Street Art Workshop – Team Building Made Easy

Whenever you drive to work, there is a chance you see all the beautiful street arts and wonder how they come about. For the fear of being arrested for defacing the public walls, you might not have considered trying it.

But then, what if we told you there was a Melbourne team building activity that allowed you do this – and legally too?

The Street Art Workshop entails meeting with the street artist alongside your team. Then, you go ahead to learn all there is to know about stenciling and executing amazing street arts.

We know it won’t be fun if everything is about learning, so the workshop allows guests practicalize what they have learnt too. We mean that – you can now bring out the inner Picasso in you and wow the rest of the corporate group.

The workshop is made even more interesting in how the facilitators provide the best artwork a prize at the end of the day. Another way to beef up the corporate competition, don’t you think?

Check out Street Art Workshop – Team Building Made Easy here


6. License to Spy – Team Building Australia

License to Spy – Team Building Australia

All the games offered at Team Building Australia are great picks, but we love this one the most. The game is highly tech-based and allows team members work better with one another if they are to get to the end of the setup.

In short, clients (players – who are the members of your team) are deployed to their target destinations. From there, they are assigned challenges with clues to guide them on the right path. Each teammate would have to work with the others if they are to decode the clues and uncover hidden messages in other hints provided.

The game is made to look real by incorporating many different aspects of a real spy setup. There is the hidden informant, cryptic messages, letter drops and word exchanges to look out for. To spice thing up, Austin Powers makes a guest appearance.

When the team has completed an issued challenge, they enter their answer into a unique website link. From there, they get a new task when they pass the old challenge or retry should they not.

We don’t want to ruin all the fun for you yet.

Check out License to Spy – Team Building Australia here


7. Charity Bike Build – Total Team Building

Charity Bike Build – Total Team Building

There are three reasons why we love this Charity Bike Build event:

The first one is so obvious, seeing as how this is a team-building event. The second reason why we love it is that it is a very immersive event, requiring the help of everyone on the team to make it happen. Finally, we love the fact that it allows you give back to the society.

You get to see the smile on the face of the kids after you give to them the bikes that you have spent your time building. This is surely more rewarding than just going to get them a ready-made gift.

The time, effort and energy that went into the build would be worth it in the end. That is not to mention the bonding with your teammates over the building too.

If there is one thing we can say about this event, it’s that every single team that presents a bike is a winner. That is surely something you should be interested in.

Check out Charity Bike Build – Total Team Building here.


8. Corporate Chef

Corporate Chef

This is the kind of challenge that leaves your team to do everything from start to finish. Depending on the size of the team, groups of different sizes are tasked with cooking different meals.

The event is even more fun in that the groups are made to go get their ingredients from the market themselves. They arrive at the destination and start to cook almost instantly. They will be given about 1.5 hours from the time they get back from shopping to cook the meal of their choice.

Professional guidance will be provided by chefs on set to ensure each team gets their menu ideas right. You will also be coached on the right cooking techniques, timings and flavor combinations. However, none of these will be so intrusive as to take the originality out of the program for you.

At the end of the day, the different teams get to present their meals to a panel of judges. Of course, a winning team is chosen – and they get the Corporate Chef award.

Check out Corporate Chef – Corporate Challenge here


9. Hollywood Movie Making

 Hollywood Movie Making

Is yours a creative organization? Do you feel your teammates are getting burned out already? Would you just like to have their creative juices flowing again? No matter what it is, this activity is sure to get your team pumped again. Spread over two days, the team building session allows each group come up with their storylines and develop it into a movie in any way they want.

What you should like about this one is that it helps to show just how much your team knows about the organization. Since the movie would be themed around the company’s values, strategies, products or services, this is the best way to showcase different interpretations of your company.

Each team will be tutored by a technical member of staff in addition to a performing actor. In those two days, the teams will also learn a lot about all that goes into making a script happen on the screen. Combining to form a memorable, hilarious and totally creative boding experience, there is nothing not to like here.

Check out Hollywood Movie Making – Team Building here


10. Corporate Kidnap

Corporate Kidnap

What would you do if a member of your team got kidnapped? You surely have to get them back so as to ensure smooth running of the team. Here, you get to work with the various clues and work through the series of challenges to find them.

The event is planned to take place in the office and around the city too. The teams will have to come together to coordinate their strategy and find the kidnappers. Designed for about 5 – 150 people who would be divided into 3 – 8 participants per team, the games can be tailored to last for between 1 – 4 hours.

Check out Corporate Kidnap here


Wrap Up

The holidays are coming. Even if not for that, you can still get your team onto one of these events to take the edge off. Whichever event you would be going for, make sure it is one that would be best suited to the team.


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