The Best 5 Burgers You’ll Eat in Melbourne

Answering the most important question of our time - who makes Melbourne's best burger?

I went out and tried more than 20 of the best burgers Melbourne restaurants have in order to find the best one.

There are 76 photos of me eating burgers on a dedicated instagram account with more than 1400 followers. So when I say I know burgers, I know burgers.

Burger stores have become a dime a dozen around Melbourne, with high-status Chefs such as Shannon Bennett and Neil Perry throwing their hat into the ring with opening their own chains.

But it doesn’t always take a big name to have a big burger game. There’s something special about small shops with a lot of passion for the humble burger, and I’ve found some that are sure to hit the spot no matter what burg-mood you’re in.

Scouring far and wide across Melbourne, from Fitzroy to Prahran, these burgers are some of my favourites that I keep coming back to. In fact, these are probably even the best burgers in Australia.

There are three things, in my honest opinion, that a burger simply must have to be a hit.

These are non-negotiable. Without them, it can quite literally be a recipe for disaster.

Burgers must have:

freedom lend
  • A bun that can hold its own, (doesn’t have to be a milk bun)
  • An on-point blend of sauces
  • A main event that cannot be flawed

In this list you can find a simple cheeseburger, some saucy numbers, and a greasy fried chicken to satisfy the biggest of cravings. Each place offers its own twist on the humble burger and although different they are all as delicious as the last. A lot of these are American style burgers and don’t even use a brioche bun, so un-Australian but we love them anyway.

There are also a few vegetarian order options for those looking for a meat-free experience.

But no matter what your patty preference is, take note of Gigi Hadid’s advice: “Eat burgers to stay sane”. Fat is under-rated.

Best Burger Restaurants in Melbourne:

  1. RocoMamas
  2. Juanita Peaches
  3. 1090 Burger
  4. 8bit
  5. Black Label Grill


Let’s dig in;

1. RocoMamas

rocomamas burgers melbourne

156 Chapel St, Windsor VIC

RocoMamas is a South African burger chain which I’m more than happy to welcome to Chapel St, Melbourne.

Famous for their Smashburgers, their flagship store has a rock n’ roll vibe with an open kitchen to see where the magic happens.

Neon signs on red walls make for a candid insta post with rib sauce still around your mouth, or is that just me? Either way, this place is trendy enough to go from a relaxing dinner to a night on the town.

But no matter what your plans make sure you start your night off right by visiting RocoMamas for one of their world famous Smashburgers. The smashed technique is one that has been adopted by a few burger places and ensures maximum flavour and juicy patties.

RocoMamas menu consists of their Smashburgers, loaded fries, wings and ribs. Don’t forget to have a beer, wine, soft drink or cocktail. I mean they have espresso martini’s so you’d be crazy not to go, right?

I recommend pairing your espresso with your own build a burger.You can load onto it endless patties which could feed a village for weeks, leaving you in a greedy food coma for eternity.

Or stick with my favourite: the Classic Cheese. Every element of this classic cheeseburger is perfectly cheesy and flavoursome. Make sure you double up and then enjoy a few craft beers with this bad boy.

Oh and be sure to grab a side of their famous ribs too if you’re feeling saucy, they’re to die for alongside the great burgers.


2. Juanita Peaches

juanita peaches burger melbourne

12 Edward St, Brunswick VIC

Juanita Peaches is owned by Raph Rashid, the genius behind Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck. Both of which have some pretty outstanding fried chicken.

The chooks arrive whole to Juanita Peaches and the crew dissect them from there. Juanita Peaches is located on Edward St just off Sydney Rd.

The fit out looks just like you’d imagine a small Mexican eatery to look. It has a homely, laid-back 80s feel to it with a bit of a modern flare. Juanita Peaches rooms with All Day Donuts which is a must post-fried chicken sandwich.

Now, Juanita Peaches is home to hands down the best fried chicken burgers I have the pleasure of devouring. This is serious business, a burger bar that knows how to strut.

I first went here in 2014 on a first date. It didn’t work out. The relationship that is, NOT the burgers.

My love for Juanita Peaches has lived on, and I couldn’t see any other relationship outliving my one with their fried chicken burger. They make their buns in-house mixing mashed potato into the dough.

It is steamed and ready to soak up all the juices you could dream of. Inside the bun is a creamy bed of slaw topped with fried chicken so damn good you’ll never think of going back to KFC, even if you’re hungover.

If chicken isn’t your thing Juanitas also does a bangin’ beef burger which is amongst the most popular thing on the menu. Trust me on this one, once you’ve been, it’ll be your go to.


3. 1090 Burger

1090 burger

181A Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121

Swan St, a stone’s throw from the Yarra, is known as a hub for great food, and home to the crown jewel of Melbourne’s burger scene: 1090 Burger. Est 2015. 

This humble colourful restaurant sits next to the Richmond Kebab House, just outside the tram stop. Blink and you might miss it, but you’d definitely regret it.

1090 Burger gets its name from its meat percentages: 90% free-range meat and 10% fat. And this ratio definitely pays off. Son Nguyen is the owner and a longtime food truck owner of the same name (1090), and he made his passion a reality when he opened the 1090 Burger food truck in 2014.

It’s success saw him opening his Swan St shop a year later.

1090 Burger boasts a small menu that definitely packs a punch. There are a handful of burgers, fries and loaded fries, onion rings, and some delicious shakes too.

The star of the show is 1090’s Thunderburger. This burger is a near flawless combination of double signature beef patty, oozing melted cheese between each patty, and a delicious mix of salty pickle, smokey chipotle mayo and sweet ketchup, all atop a brioche Breadtop bun.

One bite and you will understand where the Thunderburger gets its namesake: this one has really stolen the thunder from other local burger places. Pair with their shoestring fries and prepare for a food coma well worth it.


4. 8bit

8bit burgers footscray melbourne

231 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000 & 8 Droop St, Footscray. 

When you arrive at the corner of Droop and Dennis St in Footscray prepare your nostrils to be greeted with the fragrance of deep-frying sizzling onion rings and fries. This is canteen fast food heaven.

Some busy nights you’ll find lines out the door but this will give you enough time to peruse the lengthy menu and play some retro video games that are guaranteed to whip up some feelings of nostalgia.

The Footscray location is the original 8bit and I’ve been coming here since those days.

8bit breaks my usual rule of “no chain stores”, and their success has seen them open two new stores: one in the Melbourne CBD and the other recently launching in Sydney.

This menu is long enough to have you eating something new every time, and I don’t want to sell it short by choosing only one burger.

There are four grass-fed beef burgers, one fried chicken burger, and two veggie burgers. It also includes fries, potato gems, onion rings, shakes, kraft cheese and hot dogs if you’re feeling extra hungry.

Many of the burgers are named after old school games of the same names.

If you live life on the edge make sure you order the After Burger. Prepare for this one to spice up your life for at least 10 minutes post-consumption.

I like to add a side of loaded fries, and swapped the fries for potato gems because…  potato gems.

At 8bit every bite is just as good as the last which has lead me to revisiting the original location to try almost everything on the menu.

I can’t recommend 8Bit enough to anybody who is a burger lover, which is everybody. So come one, come all.  


5. Black Label Grill

black label grill burger melbourne

13 Centreway, Mount Waverley VIC

Black Label Grill is a popular little burger joint nestled in Pinewood Shopping Village.

This place has the musings of an old-school Aussie milk bar or fish and chip shop.

You can eat in and have a parma, fish and chips, but I recommend making the safe choice of one of their delicious burgers. It would be rude not to.

They have a massive range of burgers with novelty elements like black buns and offer a crazy $10 on all their burgers on Mondays.

They are quite reasonably priced anyway which is a plus, but $10 is a giveaway for some of their heartier numbers. It’s a bit of a drive from inner suburbs but these greasy burgers are worth the journey.

Although I might not give it the title of best burger in Melbourne, just like black label bourbon, this shop is top shelf.

When I first visited Black Label I was hungry so ordered their King Kong and their Barking Chook to check out their fried chicken.

The first was served on a black bun and oozing with juice, tomato sauce and flavour. And the second offered a palette cleanser of fresh slaw crunchy chicken. They have their own house mayo that was a creamy tangy delight too.

If you’re not game enough to try both at once, maybe consider their sides. They have wings, popcorn chicken, chips and onion rings to fulfil your entree fantasies too.

Come to try this one in person as I can’t imagine these juicy angus beef beauties travel well!



There you have it, the best burgers in Melbourne.

Honourable mentions of course go to Betty’s burgersHuxtaburger in CollingwoodEasey in the train carriage (so Melbourne lol), Mr Burger, the double patty smash originally debuted at  Rockwell and Sons, Royal Stacks, Cafe 51 in South Melbourne, Burger Love in St KildaFat Bob’s in MoorabbinGrand Trailer Park Taverna in the CBD and of course Andrew‘s hamburgers in Albert Park.

Are you mad that your favourite burger isn’t on the list?

Blast me in the comments below, I dare you.


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