Creative Writing Courses Melbourne: The Best 7 Reviewed & Ranked

If you’re looking for a creative writing course to take in Melbourne, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a beginners course or short course, we’ll find you the best one!

Melbourne is a city that inspires the artistic streak. Especially with so many hidden cafes down laneways, perfect for typing out plots on keyboards on rainy days.

Creative writing is also one of the most versatile forms of professional journalism. This is a field for those who contribute to magazines, write for blogs, publish articles and develop novels, among other things!

Writing, as you must have already come to know, is also an art. Combining both schools of thought (no pun intended), it is only logical that you enrol under the best possible course to craft yourself into a better creative writer.

If you’re also looking to start out/ hone your skills as a creative writer, here are some of the best options to learn.

Australian Writers’ Centre | RMIT University | Writers’ Studio | Melbourne Polytechnic| Faber Writing Academy | CAE | The Power of Words


1. Australian Writers’ Centre

Australian Writers’ Centre

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The Australian Writers’ Centre (AWS) has been around for a while now. Their creative writing course has been able to develop writers with better creativity to tell compelling stories.

More than being a general professional writing course, the AWS offering has carved a niche for itself for being a great novel writing course in Melbourne. Other reasons why this course features on this list owes to its being:

  • Highly flexible in allowing students to take classes online or on-site (in Melbourne)
  • Uniform pricing across different locations and offerings.
  • Tailored to writers at different stages of their writing development and so much more

The teaching methodology allows writers to tap into personal creative prowess too. That is as opposed to being forced to conform to a particular template. Taking you by the hand through various models of creative writing, you are sure to get the best out of it.

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2. RMIT University Short Writing Courses

RMIT University Short Writing Courses

The RMIT University Short Courses are developed for people looking to do quick courses under creative writing.

RMIT University has established a reputation for itself as being an expert in media and communication. That puts them in an excellent position to offer such courses to the general populace.

What they do, in essence, is to identify the basic models of all creative writing and teach them to their students. That way, every student can quickly adapt to any form of creative writing that they might face.

The short courses on display at RMIT include:

  • Writing Creative Fiction
  • Comedy Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • Non-fiction Writing

On top of that, they offer their students a shot at Feature writing with Sian Prior – a PhD holder in creative writing with over 25 years’ experience in journalism.

If you’d like to move to professional writing courses after your short courses, they have provisions for that too.

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3. Unlocking Creativity by Writers’ Studio

Unlocking Creativity by Writers’ Studio

Perfecting its creative writing courses over 25 years, Writer’s Studio has made the Unlocking Creativity’ writing workshop is one of the best out there.
Designed to span four weeks, the course gives young writers the freedom of access from anywhere since it is based online. Likewise, interested students can get up to USD$50 off when they cop the course early enough.

Refining the course over the years, Writers’ Studio has landed upon a teaching formula which has turned out a good number of professional writers. This comes in the form of:

  • Helping writers recognise and embrace their imagination
  • Exploring limits in the way of maximum creative potentials
  • Developing a practical understanding of character development and know-how of classical story structure
  • Practical assignment to assess the student based on what has been taught so far

This form of teaching and feedback system has proven successful for students of this course. You could be the next!

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4. Melbourne Polytechnic – Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing

Melbourne Polytechnic – Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing

For those who are looking for full-time, professional writing courses in Melbourne, you might have to look no further than the learning environment at the Melbourne Polytechnic.

The course takes things a notch further than many online courses, offering you a fully-integrated and structured learning experience. Interested students will be taught the concepts of editing. That not only makes them a better writer but gives them an additional skill too.

From the course contents, students are set up to develop their skills in:

  • Professional writing
  • Advanced editing
  • Design for print/web publishing (digital media skills)

If we haven’t mentioned this already, the course is taught by a variety of top performers: Edwin Preston (author of The Inheritance of Ivorie Hammer which garnered rave reviews), Alex Senior (sPh.D. student under the Creative Writing discipline) and so much more.

At the end of the course, students will be conferred with a Bachelor of Arts degree. If interested, make sure to check out the entry requirements below.

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5. Faber Writing Academy’s Creative Writing Courses

Faber Writing Academy’s Creative Writing Courses

The Faber Writing Academy offers a wide range of creative writing courses to students, all within the Melbourne area. The sessions are also spaced out, allowing each student to take on as many creative writing courses as they hope to handle.

We also love the way this academy provides a place for those looking to get professional writing courses in the Melbourne area.

Taking a quick look at the course information on their website, options to be enrolled for include:

  • Creative writing for children and young adults
  • Courses on developing substantial biographies and autobiographies
  • Novel-writing courses, and so much more.

They also have different pricing plans to take care of each dedicated form of writing.

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6. Beginning Creative Writing at CAE

Beginning Creative Writing at CAE

CAE believes that ‘Every good story begins somewhere,’ and they plan to be the place where all of your great stories will start from.

Their Beginner Creative Writing course is designed to be a fun and exciting class for people who are unsure of where to start. That makes it ideally suited to beginners who might be sceptical about trying their hands at creative writing in the first place.

What this project does is take beginners through a series of steps that allows them to find themselves before doing any other thing. That sort of generic model helps writers focus on creative writing styles and models they will settle for in the end.

With multiple teaching and learning sessions to boot, the overall course aims at helping writers:

  • Find the inspiration to write
  • Build their characters and associated voices
  • Develop better plots and structure
  • Form winning dialogues
  • Get better at rewriting and editing and
  • Avoid clichés in writing

This course is also made better in the way the instructors prefer to show rather than tell.

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7. The Art of Copywriting & The Power of Words

The Art of Copywriting & The Power of Words

Offered as part of the Masters Series over at WeTeachMe, The Art of Copywriting & The Power of Words is one of the most insightful beginners creative writing courses on the market right now.

The course is particular, teaching students the kind of business writing that helps brands sell better. With copywriting being one of the hottest creative writing skills around today, you are definitely getting a good deal here.

The course structure is also a unique one in the way that you can;

  • Ask direct questions
  • Learn from incredible founders, getting to know their challenges and how they pulled through
  • Meet like-minded people

The course is taught for free too. In fact, the only thing you have to bring with you is your laptop/ tablet, notebook and pen, and questions you might have for the speakers.

With what you learn here, you can go on to work on selling websites, landing pages, social media accounts and so much more.

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So there you go, Melbourne’s best creative writing courses, featuring everything from short stories to copywriting. We’ll keep this list updated regularly and keep adding more information to it with time.

Is there a course that we’ve missed? Drop us a note in the comments below.


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