Our 11 Favourite Coworking Spaces in Melbourne (Priced & Ranked)

Coworking spaces in Melbourne are on the rise. Not just in Melbourne though. Ever since the first true coworking space sprouted in San Fransisco way back in 2005, the idea has caught on all around the globe. Get this, the relatively new real estate niche is growing at an average rate of around twenty percent.

Personally, I’ve always wanted a working environment that has the familiarity of home but the slight formality that makes actual offices better for work-life. If you also fit this bill, then coworking spaces could be the perfect solution. Admittedly, this sentiment is more likely to be shared by a freelancer, but coworking spaces could also be ideal for larger business that find their offices overstaffed with temporary workers or ad hoc departments.

More on the ideas above later, but for now, let’s take a look at a comprehensive list that we’ve come up with, of Melbourne’s best coworking spaces.

The Commons


Locations: Melbourne CBD ( 3 Albert Coates Lane), Collingwood (36-38 Gipps Street), South Melbourne (80 Market Street), Cremorne (10-12 Gwyne Street)
This Melbourne Design Awards winning coworking space is simply breathtaking! The people behind this business really appreciate that a perfect working space may mean something different for each person. Expect to see your traditional open desks and offices, but beyond that, at the commons, more relaxed open planned workspaces, as well as outdoor spaces, are also available.

The Commons workspaces are feature packed. Each location typically features high-speed internet (Fibre Optic Broadband), Front Desk Service, Meeting Rooms (both casual and private), private phone booths, conference rooms, car parking, showering facilities, wellness facilities, and library. For more information on particular branches’ amenities, visit their website.

The best coworking spaces don’t just let anyone in. At the Commons, all tenants have been carefully curated to ensure compatibility. Some of their notable larger businesses include VICE Networks and PayPal

Membership Plans:

  • Open Desk: $410/ month
  • Dedicated Desk: $640/month
  • Private Office: $1600/month
  • Custom Private Office:Contact for pricing details

The Cluster

coworking-spaces-melbourneLocations: 17/31 Queen Street 
A great advantage of using coworking spaces, is getting to enjoy all the benefits of state of the art corporate workspaces, for a fraction of the costs. The Cluster is no different. At this coworking space, you will have receptionists to cater to your needs, high-speed internet, IT concierge services, boardrooms, and meeting rooms, break rooms and phone booths as well as library services and shower facilities. Expect 24hour access with any of their membership plans too.

Beyond the standard expected amenities, the Cluster offers one more, somewhat intangible feature. This working space prides itself in completing and growing your business. It’s a great platform to form new business partnerships, to expand your professional networks, and to possibly find your next employees!

Membership Plans:

  • Flexi Desk: From $130/ week
  • Permanent Desk:From $195/week
  • Private Office:Contact for more info.
  • Virtual Office: 15$/week
  • Telephone Answering: 25$/week
  • Day Pass: From 40$/week

CoWork Me

coworking-spaces-melbourneLocation: 245 St Kilda Road
Located near the Yarra, in one of the most vibrant locations in all of Victoria, this Melburnian workspace is just a 5 minute’s drive away from the CBD. CoWork Me was designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet as you work, or you’re looking for a more collaborative space, CoWork Me has suitable office space for you.

Some of CoWork Me’s features include front desk assistance, 24/7 access, great WiFi, a break room with a full kitchen, and parking, CoWork Me could quite easily be your workplace of choice. What’s more, each membership is all inclusive of all utility costs. There no hidden costs!

Membership Plans:

  • Virtual: $89/ month
  • Starter:$155/month
  • Hot Desk:$295/month
  • Dedicated Desk:$494/month
  • Office:$650/month


coworking-spaces-melbourneLocation: 1/10 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne
First things first- what a name! It gives off an air of innovation and mystery almost paying homage to United State’s Area 51. The name itself is borrowed from physics, particularly relativity, connoting a fifth dimension beyond the known four. That aside, this coworking space has some great perks.

This coworking space features all the office amenities you’d need. From the great wifi to the meeting rooms and event spaces and from great kitchen facilities to amazing networking events, Dimension5 has it all. For a detailed view of their floor plan set up, visit their website.

Membership Plans:

  • Catalyst Membership (Hot Desk): $425/month 
  • Exponential Membership (Private Desk + Storage Cabinet): $575/month
  • Transformation Corporate Membership:Contact Dimension5 for Pricing


coworking-spaces-melbourneLocation: Level 1, 41 Stewart Street, Richmond,
: Located only fifty meters away from Richmond Train Station, this coworking space is ideal for those living near this area. With its amazing modern amenities, it’s hard to tell that this coworking space, is located in a former 1910 Australian Knitting Mill.

Some of its standard perks include fast WiFi, state of the art office furnishing including ergonomic seats and the standing desks that are becoming so popular nowadays. All printing equipment is included as standard. Expect to find leisure games such as pool and table tennis too for when you need to unwind.

Membership Plans:

  • Day Pass: $40/day
  • Flexi Pass: $100/month
  • Part Time:$370/month
  • Full-Time Access: $640/month

York Butter Factory (YBF Ventures)

coworking-spaces-melbourneLocation: YBF Melbourne, 520 Bourke Street

Go: WebsiteFacebook

Features: When you think startups, think York Butter Factory. This coworking office space offers a diverse community of curated innovative businesses. If you are seeking access to a community of distinction to grow your small business, this is it!

Everything in this workspace is designed to give you the best working experience. From the specially positioned indoor plants to the natural light ambiance YBF has your needs covered. It has all you’d expect from a great coworking space; high-speed WiFi, meeting rooms, event spaces, a wellness program, printing, networking events, and yes-no hidden fees!

Membership Plans: 

  • Dedicated Desk:From $585/month
  • Private Office:From $750?month
  • Part Floor:Contact York Butter Factory for details.

The Idea Collective

coworking-spaces-melbourneLocation: Level 1, 209 Nicholson Street, Footscray

Go: Website

Features: If you’re in the Footscray area you don’t need to go far to find some great coworking office space. The Idea Collective has all your standard office needs covered.

Membership Plans: 

  • Meeting Room Hire: $30/1-2 hours
  • Hot Desk: $30/day
  • Dedicated Workspace: $365/month

One Roof Women

coworking-spaces-melbourneLocation:77-83 City Road Southbank


Features: This one is a bit different from the others. One Roof Women is specifically designed for the businesswoman. If this profile suits you, then you may want the added perks that come with having a working space specifically suited for you.

Originally located in an Airbnb in St. Kilda, One Roof Women grew as a concept to become one of the most popular working spaces in Melbourne. It has all the office amenities that an Australian woman looking to build a business needs- including childcare!

Membership Plans: 

  • Seed Membership (1 day/week Hotdesk): $200/month
  • Flexible Membership (3 days/week Hotdesk): $370/month
  • Dedicated Membership (24/7 Dedicated Desk): $500/month
  • Private Office: $1000/month

Space & Co.

coworking-spaces-melbourneLocation:Level 22, 8 Exhibition Street, Level 19, 2 Southbank Boulevard, Level 3, 530 Collins Street, Level 12, 360 Elizabeth Street


Features: One of the larger coworking spaces in Australia, Space & Co. has four locations in Melbourne alone! Instead of having set working places, Space & Co. has an open-plan. They promise to mold it to your specific business needs.

Another key advantage of this coworking space is its locations- Space & Co. workspaces are located only in the most convenient locations.

Membership Plans:

  • Day Pass:$60/day
  • Casual Membership:$500/month
  • Full-Time Membership:$600-1000/month

There’s currently an anniversary offer ($600/month) at Collins Street Branch. Contact Space & Co. for more details.

Collins Square

coworking-spaces-melbourneLocation:727 Collins Street, Docklands


Features:Located in one of Australia’s biggest commercial developments, this workspace could be perfect for you. Office amenities such as Wifi and conference rooms come as standard. Collins Square also offers business concierge services as well as free refreshments!

Membership Plans:

  • Day Member: $50/day
  • Part Time Member: $300/month
  • Hot Desk: $500/month
  • Dedicated Desk: $700/month
  • Global Access:$695/month


coworking-spaces-melbourneLocation: Level 2,/105 Victoria Street, Fitzroy

Go: Facebook

Features: Located in the Moran Cato building in the middle of Fitzroy, creatives won’t go wrong with Rotson.As at now, it comprises of seventeen freelancers ranging from photographers to animators. This office space features amenities such as fast Wifi, a meeting area, a lounge as well as a kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Once payment is made, 24-hour access can be expected.

Membership Plan:$350/month

Advantages of Coworking Spaces

We touched on some benefits of coworking at the beginning of this article. Here, we carry on that train of thought and explore some of the advantages of opting for coworking spaces.

This goes without saying, but we’ll mention it anyway- Coworking spaces are a cheaper alternative for a small business. Having to worry about utility costs can deter you from focussing all your energies on your business, at a time when it needs it most. Coworking environments provide you with state of the art office amenities at a cheaper price.

The power of human capital when looking to grow a business cannot be overstated. Networking is extremely important! Since one interacts with many other businesses in a shared workspace, coworking provides the perfect opportunity to build lasting business relationships.

We mentioned that coworking is the perfect balance between the familiarity of home and the formality of an office. The freedom and the general enabling environment that coworking spaces tend to have is perfect for productivity!


The idea that one can share office spaces with other business is catching on fast. In Melbourne alone, there over a hundred coworking spaces already! You won’t go wrong with any of the Melbourne coworking spaces sample above. Good Luck!




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