About Just Melbourne

Just Melbourne exists to serve people that have chosen to make Melbourne their home. We produce useful guides and content in an easy to read format.

We are 100% bootstrapped & owner-operated. We started off as a simple WordPress blog in mid 2017 and have grown quickly into the website you’re browsing right now. Not being owned by a big corporate media company means we are able to focus on a smaller number of high quality relationships with brands rather than always chasing new advertisers.

What drives us

  • Strive to be the best Melbourne focused content producers
  • Work hard but have lots of fun along the way
  • Focus on our strengths
  • Focus on depth of relationships rather than vanity metrics


Nathan Murphy – Founding Editor
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Lotte Beckett – Managing Editor

O. Christopher – Contributor

Naomi Penny – Contributor

Daizy Maan – Contributor

Alita Brydon – Contributor

Shreya Vaghela – Junior Journalist

David James – Senior Contributor & Wordsmith