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    Your digital key to unlock Melbourne’s magic, bringing the city’s vibrant events, eateries, attractions and local culture to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

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    Just Melbourne exists to serve people that have chosen to make Melbourne their home. We produce first-hand expert researched & researched useful guides and content in an easy to read format.

    We are 100% bootstrapped & owner-operated. We started off as a simple WordPress blog in late 2018 and have grown quickly into the website you’re browsing right now. 

    Why You Can Trust Us

    – Independent

    We’re Australian owned & operated without any outside investors.

    – First-Hand Experience

    All of our content is written & edited via strict investigative first hand research

    – Reader Centric

    The reader is the hero and we strive to deliver a great experience

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    We bring a combined 50+ years of journalism & research experience together.

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    Nathan Murphy

    Founding Editor

    Patrick M

    Operations & Business Development

    Allan Kimani

    Lead Researcher & Writer

    O Christopher



    Lotte Beckett – Contributor

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    Level 4, 10 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne, Victoria, 3002

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