Melbourne’s Morning Commute Sent Into Flux With Coordinated Vegan Protest

Tens of thousands of commuters were made late to work this morning by a well-planned protest by vegans wishing to raise awareness for agricultural practices within Australia.

Hundreds of protesters took over the crossroads outside Flinders station next to Federation Square effectively blocking all trams and traffic heading into or out of the city. More than 11 tram lines were disrupted by the protest.

Several protesters chained themselves to each other and to vehicles onto which messaging was displayed.

After 3 hours of peaceful protest, police removed all of the protesters and normal traffic has since been restored.

Reactions to the protest by the Melbourne community have been mainly negative.


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Several signs at the protest promoted a documentary released in 2018 called Dominion. Here is the trailer for the documentary:

You can watch the full documentary here:


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