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food labelling misled
On my walk to work from the train station, I thought I’d try out a newly opened cafe on Collins Street in Melbourne. The branding was on point, the interiors — minimalistic and plenty of light flowing through the cafe. Definitely, Melbourne, plus the owners are behind some of Melbourne’s most well-known hospitality icons — Urban Deli, Buddabah and...
vipassana meditation experience
A Vipassana is a ten-day silent meditation retreat where you attempt to take control of your monkey mind and emerge more grounded.  During these ten days you agree: not to kill; steal; lie; engage in sexual misconduct; or take any intoxicants. You also give up: meat; physical exercise (besides walking); your phone; the Internet; reading; writing; or anything else...
just melbourne vision
This website will be the digital soul of our great city of Melbourne.Our mission is to preserve it's best kept secrets and share it's many stories.We want to inspire, entertain and inform with all of the possible references you could ever need in your day to day meanderings through our home.This is not a mission for one person.Just Melbourne...

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